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Ray's Memorial Ceremony at Rocklin

February 14th, 2013, with appreciation to our friends at the Auburn Journal News.

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"Going Home", played by the USAF Band...

Pat and Mamie Ray

Ceremony held at the Rocklin Police Department.
Pat and Mamie Ray with Ray's Ceremony Officials, L-to-R:
SenatorTed Gaines,
Dr. Tom Gaines,
Mamie Ray, and Mom Patricia.

(Read online version at the Auburn Journal;

Ray Memorial with Pat and Mamie page-2

Ray's State Senate Proclamation included a generous reference to the day I first met Ray. He wrote me a ticket for speeding. Oh, yes, I did need that ticket, really, really bad! Then Ray offered that I spend the weekend with his family instead of making a trip that was way too long for the weekend time I had. That meeting began my weekends visiting Ray and his family. I soon discovered that "Highway Patrol" was where I was headed.
Thanks again, Ray.

I-80 from Rocklin Road to Highway 65

Ray's Memorial Highway from the I-80 Interchange at Rocklin Road (upper right) to California Highway-65 (lower left).